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         I am also a Postpartum Doula!
    If you find you need more help after your baby is born, I am also available to see you through the crucial healing and adjustments at home during the first few weeks and months after birth as a Dona Postpartum Doula... 
for mothers this can:
• increase the chance of breastfeeding successfully...
• encourage stronger bonding between the mother and the whole family unit...
• significantly reduce the amount of maternal postpartum depression and make it much easier for a mother to cope with it if it occurs.
• greatly lessen maternal exhaustion, frustration, trepidation and anxiety during early weeks reduce unnecessary calls to pediatricians... 
    Having been Certified as a DONA Postpartum Doula, my role is to come into your home after the birth to help you and your baby settle in. I will do my best to provide education, non-judgmental support and companionship, and to assist with newborn care, family adjustment, meal preparation and light household tasks and organizing. I can help you through the important emotional and physical recovery from birth.
    I also can help overnight if needed to support you and help develop your new baby's sleep and feeding patterns while giving both parents needed sleep. I have worked with twins and multiples and preemies too. This can greatly help with immediate postpartum recovery which is crucial to both emotional and physical healing of a new mother! 
     By modeling a deep respect for the wisdom and decision making abilities of you and your partner as new parents, I make clear to family members and friends that supporting you in your own choices is the loving and respectful support you need from them also. By dedicating myself to your family in this way, my heart's desire is to validate and enhance your own intuitive ability to nurture and encourage you to develop and implement your own personal parenting style! 

I am available for a Postpartum massage which will speed recovery! 
Antepartum Doula services are also invaluable and available for moms on bedrest...I offer all the help you need to build the foundation for a better pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum success!

"Tina has been one of the most loving and supportive people in my life for the past 7 years.  Since the birth of my twin daughters in 2005 and a third daughter in 2007 she has assisted me in all realms of motherhood from postpartum care for me to newborn care for my babies. Now that my daughters are older she is still what I call a "Mother's partner" in every sense of the word.  She truly is an angel." -Suzie, mother of 3 daughters 

"Being first time parents to triplet girls, we knew we needed help during the night but were also very apprehensive about bringing someone into our home.  After spending 3 months in the NICU, we knew that we had to find just the right person to help us. Tina was just that. The babies were immediately attracted to her calm and positive nature. Feeding, changing and soothing three babies at once can be extremely overwhelming but Tina handled it well. Not only did she give us the night time breaks we needed, but she was also very helpful with tips to soothe the babies. She never tried to force any particular "style" on to us and always respected ours. At the same time, she was happy to answer any questions we had and always had new suggestions for us. Dependable and always on time, Tina was a joy to work with. 
Tina truly was a lifesaver for us during those first months!". -Suzy

"As a mother of four young children, it was important for me to have someone I could rely on throughout the prenatal, birth and postnatal process.  Tina Harris joined our family many years ago and has consistently provided a calm, reassuring presence surrounding the birth of my children.  When I was put on bed rest at 17 weeks with my third daughter and needed around-the-clock assistance, Tina whole-heartedly stepped into that role and helped me get to the point of a healthy delivery at 39 weeks.  She also has a special touch with newborns! Tina is a nurturing and highly-effective caregiver and I’d enthusiastically recommend her to anyone desiring a serene, helpful partner during the birth of their child". -Nikki
I am certified in Adult, Child and Infant CPR, am fully trained in working with Breastfeeding issues, Happiest Baby on the Block techniques, Baby Wearing, Essential Oils for babies and moms, and Infant Massage...

I also offer separate services for mom in Traditional Belly Binding which can help the body to shrink and recover in a much shorter period of time and shown to have amazing results!
Belly Binding Packages include helping you secure a Belly Binding wrap that you choose for me to order for you, the loan of a wrap until yours comes, and three binding and teaching sessions in the early postpartum days. My goal is to teach you a method to wrap yourself after the initial immediate postpartum period beginning usually 3 to 4 days after normal delivery.
Wraps are pure muslin and come in Batik, organic white  or black.
Ask about Vaginal Steams too!

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