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Certified Placenta Encapsulation and more can now be done in the warmth and safety of YOUR home! 
     I am so happy you are seeking this out to help you. It is so wonderful that so many women, including yourself, are interested in the many benefits of placenta encapsulation, and I commend you for your research. I have had so many moms worried about postpartum depression, iron depletion, hormonal imbalance, as well as how to increase milk production. There are significant benefits to both you and your newborn and subsequently, the rest of your family!
     You may ask, is it safe to do this in my home? 
    Although I can do this in my home when requested, I really prefer to prepare placenta pills in your home for the following reasons:

-In your own home, you can be certain that you are getting your own placenta; and ONLY your placenta. You can know exactly what is happening to your placenta. Because you have planned for my visit, you know that it has been stored at the proper food temperature. I have been a major encapsulation source for quite a few Home birth Midwives who call me as delivery approaches so that mom can have the very freshest preparations done. From your hospital, I can meet your family member at your home just as quickly and prepare to deliver to you back to you at your hospital room within 12 hours!
-You can be assured that your placenta pills are prepared in a clean and safe environment which is colonized with your own bacteria!
-If you or your family choose, you can actively observe the preparation of your placenta! As a matter of fact, many of our clients delight in the educational sessions that they experience with me. I have even been documented by family members and was once observed as a homeschool project:)  
     As a Certified Specialist, I adhere to all OSHA guidelines regarding Bloodborne Pathogen Transmission, infection prevention, standards for sanitation, and safe food handling. I bring all of the necessary equipment and encapsulation materials to your home to complete the process. All materials used are thoroughly sterilized between each use, when not disposable, and everything meets food grade standards. I am certified in both Bloodborne Pathogen Safety and Food Safety and Handling. I always use only all natural and unbleached products when possible for your health and home.
     Along with your capsules and tincture, I create a keepsake of the cord for you by dehydrating it, take a photograph of the "tree of life", and make a print on acid free watercolor paper for you if you desire all at no extra charge. I am going to take some photos for you documenting each stage of the process for you too...it is your history and an amazing thing to see!
" I have been using Tina for all my births who request encapsulation...she is always so dependable and comes even if my mothers decide they want this excellent service after baby is born. All of my clients gave her rave reviews! Even at the last minute call, she has never let me down!"
Susie CPM 

"When Tina came into our lives, my whole family was impressed by her respect for our needs and our home. She was so discreet and when she was finished, our kitchen was cleaner than when she first arrived! We had lots of questions about the benefits and process and she was able to not only answer all of those, but even gave us some great breastfeeding and newborn advice while she was here. I decided to do the belly binding the next day too...it really helped me recover faster! We will always consider her a part of our birth support and she left us with fond memories of her visits:)"
Elizabeth mother of 2

I also offer separate services such as Belly Binding and vaginal steams as a part of this natural postpartum healing time!
To begin your healing call now for fees and information!
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