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         Moving to Birth!

Prenatal and Postpartum Exercise! Each woman in labor has her own way to move, dance and rock her labor. Regular exercise during pregnancy can improve your posture and decrease some common discomforts such as backaches and fatigue, not to mention help with water retention. There is vast evidence that physical activity will relieve stress, build more stamina needed for labor and delivery, and even prevent gestational diabetes (diabetes that develops during pregnancy). More oxygen for baby and more oxytocin for mom!
     In my one hour sessions through stretching, dancing, and birth ball routines, we can gather strength of body and spirit as we move and find the joy and balance we need for the journey. We will encourage and support each other while learning labor comfort techniques and discover new ways to relax and shake off the insecurity and doubt in ourselves and in the natural process of birth. Before your labor begins I want to help you find your own rhythm, know your own body, and get Moving Into Birth!

Birth Song! Along with my dance and movement class, A Strong Hand Birth Services will also help you find your voice as you rehearse labor vocals. Vocalization is making noise as a way to manage the stress of labor. It is a natural way to release the discomfort and energy of contractions through audible tones, and  for many women, one of the most instinctual ways to cope with the intensity of labor. Perhaps you'll even find that favorite song to sing and I will help you prepare your personal playlist for labor:)  

Make this birth YOUR birth. Let this class motivate and move you into the best birth for you, a personal groove that will be closest to your own heart! Classes can be brought to your home in private, or you can join a group class if available.

Moms, take this time in your life and find your own special way in your pregnancy, labor and beyond...
Call now for fees and scheduling to begin the adventure! 

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